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Morning Brief 7/21/2024

‘A Total Failure’ – Donors Vent Over Kamala Harris Conference-Call Flop – ZeroHedge

Crowdstrike, which helped orchestrate the Trump-Russia hoax, is not to be trusted. The global IT company once laundered its reputation and legitimacy to the Trump-Russia hoax. – Substack

Trump Responds To ‘Threat To Democracy’ Claims With An Epic One-Liner [VIDEOS] -RVM News

Russian forces make territorial gains – MOD -RT News (Russian)

Bombshell report citing insider ‘friend’ claims Secret Service director to resign on Monday –BPR

Secret Service Repeatedly Rejected Trump’s Team Calls For More Security [VIDEOS] –Red Voice Media

DRAG Them! Trump Jr. Just WRECKS Secret Service Brass for LYING About DENYING Trump Security Requests -Twitchy

Deranged Loon Keith Olbermann Is Insisting Trump Wasn’t Shot With a Bullet and Says Ronny Jackson Isn’t a Doctor – Gateway Pundit

WATCH: “The View” Co-Host Joy Behar Says It Was “Un-Christian” For Trump To Say God Was Watching Over Him – American Tribune

Creepy Gretchen Whitmer Sets Record for Lies in 40 Seconds Welcoming Trump and Vance to Michigan – Twitchy

Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You This Week – Choice

Anne Hathaway Shows Off Dance Moves at Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Show

Hulk Hogan Comments on U.S. Economy Under Biden at GOP Convention

Historic $83 Trillion Wealth Transfer Underway, Set to Transform Generational Inheritance

233-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Skeleton Discovered in Brazil After Heavy Rains

Samsung Introduces AI-Powered Galaxy Watch Ultra and Smart Ring

Ken Griffin Buys Dinosaur Skeleton for $44.6 Million, Sets Auction Record

Allisha Gray Triumphs at WNBA All-Star Event, Earning $115,150

Biden’s Advisers Say He Won’t Bow Out Before Netanyahu’s Visit

CrowdStrike Update Causes Global Microsoft Windows System Crash

Erdogan Dismisses UN-Led Talks on Cyprus Reunification, Advocates for Equality at Negotiation Table

Explosive Faceoff – Jake Paul and Mike Perry’s Heated Pre-Fight Clash

Trump and Zelensky Reconnect Amid Rising Concerns Over Future U.S. Policy on Ukraine

Democratic Leaders Increase Pressure on Biden to Step Aside Ahead of 2024 Election

Bruce Springsteen Officially Becomes a Billionaire

Boeing’s Starliner Faces Continued Delays as Astronauts Remain Stranded on ISS


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