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DISTURBING | Knife-wielding man shot after charging at officer

Police in Lancaster, Pennsylvania released bodycam footage from a shooting that plunged another US city into chaos. The video shows a fatal incident in which 27-year-old Ricardo Munoz was shot after he charged at a police officer with a knife. According to BLM activists, the man was autistic. However, there hasn’t been any actual proof that this affected Munoz’s actions. Immediately after the shooting, Black Lives Matter activists flooded the streets of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, demanding justice for the victim. Alleged members of Antifa were filmed swarming to a police precinct, where they smashed windows, damaged parked police vehicles, erected barricades to prevent reinforcements from being deployed, and engaged in pitched battles with police. Riot cops then deployed tear gas. Lancaster’s district attorney said that the incident is being investigated to determine if the use of force was justified, but noted that the preliminary investigation indicates that the knife-wielding victim posed an immediate danger to the officer’s life.