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Historic? Israel’s normalisation of ties with UAE, Bahrain

So is it historic? At the same White House that hosted Israel’s 1978 peace deal with Egypt and the 1993 Oslo accords with the Palestinians… now comes the normalization of ties with United Arab Emirates… and Bahrein with both foreign ministers in attendance. Relations between Israel and the Gulf monarchies warmed a long time ago. Why come clean now?

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Ukraine President Zelensky condemns ‘heinous’ Trump assassination attempt in phone call with ex-prez. Trump said he had a good call with him – New York Post

Houston lawmaker, US Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, has died at 74 – ABC 13

Jake Paul SHOVES Mike Perry and sparks on-stage brawl as weigh-in ahead of boxing showdown descends into chaos | Daily Mail

Winklevoss Twins Continue Crypto Donation Spree With Another $1,000,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) – Daily Hodl

Trump Gunman Flew Drone Over Rally Site Hours Before Attempted Assassination – Wall Street Journal – no paywall

VP Kamala Harris and Democratic donors discuss ‘urgent, emerging needs’ in the race, with Biden campaign in crisis – CNBC

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These Are America’s ‘Most Trustworthy’ News Organizations In 2024 ZeroHedge

Biden’s Family Discusses Possible Campaign Exit Amid Growing Pressure – Whatfinger

Biden losing it with Pelosi – Pissed off! Biden faces fresh wave of Democratic defections as campaign tries to press forward – CNN 👇

Opinion: Even Trump Shooter Thomas Crooks Had a Drone. Why Didn’t the Secret Service? – Yahoo News

14 Illegal Aliens Charged With Child Sex Crimes in Dallas – Dallas Express

Mothers Blame China, Cartels for Using Fentanyl to Wage War on US Families – Epoch Times

Armie Hammer Denies Cannibalism Allegations in Piers Morgan Interview – Whatfinger 🤔

Education Department to pause student loan payments for millions amid legal battle – CNBC

Google Raises Minimum Quality Standards for Play Store Apps – Whatfinger

Tulsi Gabbard Absolutely Savages Kamala Harris for Questioning JD Vance’s Loyalty to Our Country (VIDEO) -Gateway Pundit

Central Bankers Frontrunning Dollar Collapse & Buying Gold, Khazarian Takedown w/ Andy Schectman –Sarah Westall

Netanyahu’s Historic Speech to Congress Amid High-Stakes Hostage Negotiations – N.A.P.

BREAKING: Massive Fire Engulfs Dallas Area Church Led by Trump Supporter Pastor Robert Jeffress (VIDEO) –Gateway Pundit

Liberals Use Firefighter Killed By Trump Shooter To Score Points, Backfires Bigly [VIDEOS] -RVM News

Biden Stopped from Buying More Votes with Tax Dollars -Independent Sentinel 🤔

Zelenskyy: ‘We Need Answers’ If Trump Wins –Pacific Pundit

Trump Shares Harrowing Details of Assassination Attempt at RNC Address – Whatfinger 

The Elephant In The Room – Montana Sentinel 🤔

Costco’s Readywise Emergency Food Bucket – Essential Survival Gear for an Uncertain Future – Whatfinger 🤔

Microsoft Reportedly Lays Off DEI Team with a Brutal Message –Gateway Pundit

Secret Service failures during assassination attempt similar to those in hidden Jan. 6 report, sources say -The Blaze

My Message Today to Donald Trump –The Post Email

Gold Star Families Stir Deep Emotions at Republican National Convention – Whatfinger

Global IT meltdown show perils of cashless society with almost half of Britons now leaving the house with only their phones as a means of payment –Daily Mail

Update: CrowdStrike’s Global IT Outage Affected Much More Than Airline Travel -Red State

Trump Takes Sides in Tucker/Fox Feud with VP Selection -Headline USA

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