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NHS cancels operations as government admits Covid testing faces “enormous challenge” – BBC News

There have been more warnings of serious problems with the coronavirus testing system. Senior figures in the NHS have said that operations are being cancelled because of testing shortages. Meanwhile some headteachers are complaining that members staff are having to self-isolate because they cannot take a test which could show they were free of the virus. Matt Hancock, the health secretary for England, admits the system is facing an “enormous challenge” which could take weeks to sort out. He says tests will have to be rationed because of a sharp rise in demand, with people in healthcare and care homes being put first. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson had promised that a “world beating” test and trace system would be in place by June. Since then there have been repeated shortages with some people advised to travel hundreds of miles for a test. Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by health correspondent Dominic Hughes and health editor Hugh Pym.