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  • Well, they’re in luck, because our worthless administration is playing the France role, but with clown-shoes. No army in the world is currently afraid of the US.. Unless they’re concerned we want to sell them makeup and dresses.

    • Harold, I’m afraid everyone in power forgot how we as a nation became involved in WW2…..the oil embargo on Japan leading to the attack on Pearl.

      Regardless – these politicians are playing a terrible losing game of politics in moment when face-to-face encounters, clear leadership and partnership in the world is needed.

      We’re more worried about calling all the white people in this country racist, freeing criminals, rioting, silencing opposing thought, gender identities, etc… care about what’s going on in the world.

      People die in a Tornado….and we blame global warming instead of giving condolences. Our government drone strikes innocent civilians in Afghanistan, while we give a truck driver a 110 year life sentence for an accident….we call another guy’s intentional ramming of innocent folks (where he kills kids) an accident….and all other sorts of craziness to properly handle foreign affairs.

      Our government believes it’s own citizens are the enemy….not another country.

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