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China, Russia start joint naval drills, days after NATO allies called Beijing a Ukraine war enabler – AP News

France’s Bastille Day parade meets the Olympic torch relay in an exceptional year – VOA

What We Know About Trump Rally Shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks – Breitbart

‘Despicable Me’ Is the First Animated Franchise in History to Cross $5 Billion – Variety

Alcaraz defeats Djokovic to defend Wimbledon title, collect fourth Grand Slam – France 24

Megyn Kelly speaks for all of us today! Bravo, she’s come along nicely – FIGHT! – Fast clip – Choice

FBI Believes Trump Shooter Acted Alone, Investigating Attack as Act of Domestic Terrorism – Epoch Times

‘So before being in charge of protecting the President, she was guarding bags of Cheetos …’ – CWR

‘Dam It!’ California’s New Permanent Water Policy Is to Turn off the Faucet – Red State

Trump Survives Assassination Attempt Amid Secret Service Scrutiny – Whatfinger

Sheriff’s Shocking Decision at Political Rally Leaves Shooter Free to Strike – You Won’t Believe What Happened Next! – Wayne Dupree

Failed Trump Assassin Donated to Democrats, but Was Registered Republican – Daily Fetched

‘No Stone Unturned’: After Targeting Trump for Years, FBI and DOJ Vow to Probe Attempt to Kill Him –Daily Signal

A Breakdown of the Assassination Attempt Against Trump – Epoch Times

Following Assassination Attempt President Trump Says He Will Rewrite Convention Speech –Conservative Treehouse

Secret Service blames local police, says it was tasked with securing properties surrounding Trump’s Pa. rally –NY Post

Are Your Blood Sugar Levels Causing Weight Gain? – Washington Standard

X Space Recording Today – Election Fraud Going Into The Election – Miami Independent

WATCH: Trump Force One Lands in Milwaukee As Unbowed Former President Readies for RNC Convention -Red State

Study Reveals $1 Million in Retirement Savings Falls Short in Many States – Whatfinger

New Trump Sniper Evidence | Full Analysis – WLT Report

America Was Less Than An Inch Away From Socio-Political Disaster – ZeroHedge

WATCH: Biden Slips Up, Almost Says “Make America Great Again” – WLT Report

CNN: Obama’s “Fingerprints” on These Two Weeks “Will Be Far More Apparent” – Washington Standard

Harrison Butker Fires Back At Serena Wiliams After She Attacks Him For Comments On Women – American Tribune

FBI Identifies Shooter in Attempted Assassination of Trump at Butler Rally – Whatfinger

Rapper Tom MacDonald Releases New Song Following Assassination Attempt on President Trump “You Missed” -Gateway Pundit

EXCLUSIVE: The Deranged Individual Who Attempted Assassinating President Trump Was Featured In A 2023 BlackRock AD -Laura Loomer

Mind Control and 5th Generation Warfare – Where to Watch – Sarah Westall

🤔Exclusive! Epic New Bohemian Grove Ritual Footage Leaked. – I wonder who is on this vid – fast clip – Choice 

Israeli Air Strikes in Damascus Escalate Regional Tensions – Whatfinger 🤔

Attempted Assassination on Former President Trump Leaves One Dead and Several Injured – Whatfinger

Assassination Attempt – After Action Assessment – Armed Forces Press

Kim Yo Jong Vows Retaliation as North Korea Resumes Balloon Warfare Against South Korea – Whatfinger

The Racist History Behind Planned Parenthood And Its Eugenicist Founder Uncovered (Video) – Washington Standard

Security Concerns Emerge After Trump’s Narrow Escape at Pennsylvania Rally – Whatfinger

Attempted Assassination of Donald Trump at Pennsylvania Rally – Whatfinger


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