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Scores of Palestinians killed as Israeli forces storm Khan Younis

The United States is taking a tougher stance on Israel’s actions during its war on Hamas a war that’s taking a devastating toll on Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. And both sides are displaying some of their fiercest fighting yet… as dozens of civilians were reported killed Tuesday in Central Gaza.

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Supreme Court takes up Trump Case On Presidential Immunity, a Major Blow to Jack Smith & Democrats, Media.

Hunter Biden Faces Allegations Amidst Mounting Evidence of Biden Family Business Involvement

Michigan Judge Rules in Party Leadership Dispute: Karamo Ousted as GOP Chair Sparks Controversy

Controversy Surrounding Prince Harry’s Visa: Trump Calls for Accountability as Legal Battle Unfolds

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Trump Surges Ahead in Many States. In Maine: Pan Atlantic Research Reveals Significant Leads in Key Districts

Legal Turmoil: Fulton County DA Faces Scrutiny Over Alleged Improper Relationship in Trump Case

Prosecutors Seek Gag Order on Trump in Hush-Money Case: Clash Between Free Speech and Judicial Integrity

Bipartisan Hope: Ukrainian President Zelensky Optimistic About U.S. Support Amidst Talks with House Speaker Johnson

Hush Money Trial: Trump Seeks Pretrial Blocks Amidst 2024 Campaign Turmoil 🤔

Dr. Phil McGraw Urges Nuanced Dialogue on Immigration: Balancing National Security and Pro-Immigration Stance

🛑Victoria Nuland and the Truth About Ukraine That CNN Will NEVER Show You – Dan Bongino clip – More 

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REMINDER: When Biden took office, he immediately began decimating border security through executive action.

Tucker: Eithan Haim is one of the rare American physicians who’s refused to accept the sexual mutilation of children in his hospital.

Branco Cartoon: Drastic Measures

Young Voter Dynamics: Trump Gains Ground as Preferences Shift in Left Wing Axios + Generation Lab Youth Poll – Latest polls 🤔

Even with Leftist polls: Trump Is Building Up a MASSIVE 2024 Lead…

Chicago Jewelry Store Showdown: Concealed Carry Permit Holder Thwarts Alleged Robbery in Dramatic Encounter

Too Little, Too Late: President Biden’s Border Visit: Urgent Reforms, Rising Disapproval, and Congressional Struggles🤔 

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Announces Departure, Paving the Way for GOP Leadership Shift Ahead of Super Tuesday

Thune’s Endorsement of Trump Boosts Former President’s Momentum in GOP Primary Race

We’re Back: TOP 10 MEMES – Watch MAGA

This Week the Supreme Court Tackles Social Media & Censorship

Former Proud Boy and Decorated Marine Sentenced for Capitol Breach: An Inside Look at Chris Kuehne’s Case 🤔

Border Vets Take Action: Placing Concertina Wire to Address Surging Migrant Flow in San Diego 👍

Legal Clash: Trump’s Legal Team Challenges Relationship Timeline in Georgia Prosecution Case

America is on the BRINK OF COLLAPSE – Glenn Beck Chalkboard Breakdown

Arizona Governor Urges Decisive Action: Seeking Sanity and an End to Lawlessness at the Border 🙄

Tragic Consequences: Venezuelan Migrant Charged in Murder of Georgia Nursing Student


Tucker: What’s Barack Obama up to these days? Working to make people hate each other, as usual.

Javier Milei racks up a big win, balancing a massive 12-year budget deficit in just 9 weeks

Trump Jr. Addresses Pipeline Controversy, Haley’s Candidacy, and Potential VP Picks

Battling Barriers: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Struggle Against Kansas Ballot Access Bill, Maine, more…

Tucker: How many people died from the COVID shot? Do vaccines actually cause autism? Steve Kirsch has looked at the data.

 NEVER Seen Death Rate Like THIS! | Dr Pierre Kory On New Excess Death Data – Russel Bran👍d

US targets Russia with more than 500 sanctions | BBC News

Showdown in the Palmetto State: South Carolina’s Pivotal Republican Primary Between Trump and Haley

Successful Interception: Tacoma Police Seize Massive Haul of Fentanyl, Methamphetamine, and Heroin Linked to Mexican Cartel 🙄

Public Opinion Challenges President Biden’s Denial of Involvement in Family Business. ‘Even Politico is covering…’ Senator Cruz

Bank Collapse Imminent: 90% Facing Risk Of Failure 🤔

Controversial Spending: NYC Mayor Allocates Millions for Debit Cards as Poverty Rates Soar 🙄

Trump Vows to Defend Christian Values and Cross Amidst Left’s Criticism

Dr. Pierre Kory Asks One Simple Question the FDA and CDC Don’t Want to Answer…

Bipartisan U.S. Congressional Delegation Strengthens Ties with Taiwan Amid Growing CCP Threat

Fast clip: Everyone is Leaving CA and NY: Stallone makes announcement, moving to Florida as Cali dies

Landmark Decision: New York Court Strikes Down Noncitizen Voting Law, Fueling Debate on Election Integrity

Presidential Hopeful Nikki Haley Backs Alabama Supreme Court on IVF Embryos as Living Beings: Legal and Ethical Dimensions Unveiled

Buying Votes: Biden’s Bold Move – $1.2 Billion in Student Loan Debt Automatically Discharged for 153,000 Borrowers Under New SAVE Plan

DISEASE X Identified: Biden Funding More China Lab Experiments 🛑

Trump’s Call for Debates, Poll Dominance, and Concerns Over Biden’s Mental State Take Center Stage in 2024 Election Discourse

Just Out: Tucker: the Biden administration is trying to kill journalist Julian Assange for the crime of embarrassing the CIA

Congress Forms Bipartisan AI Task Force to Safeguard National Interests and Navigate Emerging Challenges

Biden’s Record-Breaking Fundraising Surge and Financial Landscape as Trump Faces Legal Challenges

Unraveling the NRA Scandal: Civil Trial Highlights Allegations, Resignations, and the Battle for Accountability

NY Fed warns of mass defaults as household debt hits a record $17.5 trillion.🤔

Nikki Haley’s Resilient Stand: Defying Odds, Critiquing Leaders, and Advocating for Voter Choice in the 2024 Presidential Race👇

Just Out: Tucker: Mass immigration is completely destroying our country. Why is no one doing anything about it? Because…

Pro-Trump Lawyers Face Upheld Sanctions: Unraveling the Legal Fallout of the 2020 Election Challenges🙄

Controversy: The New York Times, White House Clash Over Coverage of Biden’s Age and Fitness for a Second Term

Manchin’s Political Standoff: Uncertainty Looms as Democratic Senator Withholds Endorsement and Critiques Biden Administration🙄

The Urgent Call: Senator Tim Scott Urges Nikki Haley to Withdraw from 2024 Presidential Race. Trump at Town Hall with Fox 👍

The biggest takeaways from Donald Trump’s town hall tonight. Great clips! Watters on Fox – Choice

The Trump Legal Saga: Fallout from $355 Million Fine and Investor Concerns in New York

Former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Backs Trump on NATO Funding: Calls for Equitable Contributions and National Security Reflection 🤔

South Carolina Showdown: Trump vs. Haley in Pivotal GOP Primary – A Deep Dive into Polls, Turnout, and Voter Dynamics

Tucker Carlson Takes On Critics of His Interview with Putin with Glenn Beck 👍

Trump Breaks Silence on Navalny’s Death, Criticizes U.S. Court Decisions and Faces GOP Scrutiny

President Biden’s Physical Fitness Raises Concerns and Prompts Extra Precautions

Trump Is Set to FLIP These KEY Sun Belt States RED! Latest Polls

Left Wing Presidential Greatness List Unveiled: Survey Names Best and Worst Presidents, Biden Surprises, and Lincoln Reigns Supreme

Securing Elections: Lara Trump’s Leadership at RNC Faces Critical Challenges in 2024 🤔

Nikki Haley’s Bold and Illogical Vision: A Female President, the Trump Challenge, and the Battle for the GOP Nomination

Trump’s Surprise Sneaker Con Appearance Ignites Passionate Support and Election Buzz in Philadelphia👍

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Champions ‘Uncommitted’ Vote in Michigan as Symbolic Protest Against Biden’s Middle East Policy

Presidential Cognitive Tests: Addressing Concerns Over Age and Civility in Modern Politics🤔

Branco Cartoon – Wedge Issues – Whatfinger News 👍

Unveiling Controversial Findings: The Impact of COVID-19 Vaccination on Global Mortality Rates

Breaking Sane Barriers: San Francisco Appoints Non-U.S. Citizen Kelly Wong to Key Election Commission Role

Idaho Takes Bold Stance: Capital Punishment for Child Sex Predators and Legislation Against AI-Generated Child Pornography

🛑Joe Rogan exposes the REAL agenda! (about time)

👍 Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary goes off on corrupt and crooked NY a “mega loser state.”

Trump Condemns Legal ‘Atrocity’ at Michigan Rally, Vows to End Weaponization of Legal System

The War On Children: Elon Musk: ‘Worth watching, especially for parents’

West Virginia Debates Controversial Bill: Librarians’ Liability for Children’s Access to Obscene Materials

Revving Up Resistance: American Truckers Threaten NYC Delivery Boycott in Protest Against Trump Judgment 👍

South Carolina’s GOP Primary: Early Voting Surge Reveals Political Dynamics and Skepticism Amidst Trump-Haley Showdown 👍

Trump Steps into Sneaker Business: Unveils Exclusive Line and Fragrances at Philadelphia’s SneakerCon

Legal Turmoil Unveiled: Allegations, Conflicting Timelines, and Financial Disputes in Trump Racketeering Case

Burning Urgency: Calls for National Safety Standards as Lithium-Ion Battery Fires Escalate in New York City

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Faces Spring Trial Amidst Legal Turbulence: A Decade-Long Legal Saga Unraveled

Texas Governor Unveils Comprehensive Strategy to Address Border Challenges and Bolster Security Efforts

America Under Siege: The Democrats and RINOS Are Collapsing America with Debt

Trump’s Endorsements and Party Dissent: The Rift Within the RNC Leadership Unveiled

Trump Condemns Scandal: Fulton County DA Faces Allegations of Misconduct Amidst Election Interference Case

Bipartisan House Republicans Propose $66 Billion Bill for Border Security and International Aid Amidst Political Debate

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